Puppet Open Source with Foreman vRA Module



The SovLabs Puppet Open Source with Foreman module for vRealize Automation increases IT agility and speed of delivery for systems and applications by combining SovLabs Module Framework with Puppet’s advanced configuration management together with the option to utilize Foreman for the Dashboard and Node Classifier.
Puppet Open Source3.8.1+
Foreman9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
VMware vRealize Automation 7.x
VMware vRealize Orchestrator 7.x
EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC)4.x
VMware Cloud on AWS

Simplify Puppet Open Source

integration complexity, increase speed of delivery and reduce blueprint sprawl

Quick Start Process

Define Foreman/Puppet Masters
Define Foreman/Puppet Agent configurations
Apply to existing blueprints


  • Supports node classification support for Hiera, Manifest files and Foreman
  • Optionally creates node in Foreman and assigns node to an existing group
  • Supports multiple versions of Puppet Open Source and Foreman
  • Installs Puppet Agent, configures puppet.conf, creates Hiera data and local Facter facts, if desired
  • Supports certificate signing/cleaning or Puppet auto-sign scenarios
  • Eases portability between private and public cloud scenarios: agentless, OS native protocols
  • Supports custom deployment/code promotion scenarios and pre/post activities via inline command definitions
  • Ties in existing custom vRO workflow content via workflow hooks
  • Supports simple or distributed Puppet implementations
  • Supports creation of multiple Foreman, Puppet Master and Puppet Agent configurations as needed
  • Delivers dozens to thousands of Puppet deployment scenarios with minimal overhead via dynamic template configurations and vRA property injection, avoiding Blueprint sprawl