Backup-as-a-Service for Veeam



The SovLabs vRealize Automation Backup-as-a-Service module for Veeam enables organizations who utilize Veeam for backup and recovery to now have fully automated policy-driven backups and self-service VM and file-level recovery directly within vRealize Automation, reducing the support burden, lowering risk and increasing end-user satisfaction.
VMware vRealize Automation 7.x
VMware vRealize Orchestrator 7.x
EMC Enterprise Hybrid Cloud (EHC)4.x

Quick Start Process

Define Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager endpoint(s)
Define Veeam Backup Profile(s)
Configure notification
Apply to existing blueprint and provision!


  • Create one or more Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Endpoints
  • Create one or more SovLabs Backup Profiles with the following features:
    • Associate Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager Endpoint
    • Decouples protection job assignments from blueprints to allow for ease of management at scale
    • Adds VM to selected protection job(s) based on backup profile
    • Backup profile can be pinned to VM component of vRA blueprint or applicable vRA constructs
      • e.g. business group, compute resource, or any supported hierarchy for vRA custom properties
  • Ability to allow the end-user to choose the Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager endpoint and/or protection job at time of request
  • Self-service recovery
    • File/folder-level recovery options
    • Granular permissions using vRA entitlements; can be granted to end-users or administrators
      • VM and file-level recovery resource actions can be entitled separately
    • Restore point selection and filtering
      • None, Latest backup, backup since date/time, or select date/time range
      • Allows for requester to select their time-zone, auto-calculating difference to Veeam
    • Requires OS-level credentials for restore operations, preventing elevated admin access to non-privileged users
  • End-user notifications for self-service recovery
    • Includes SovLabs Notifications Module
    • Pre-configured HTML and text-based notification templates can be customized
      • Includes SovLabs Template Engine to include custom logic or any VM-level vRA custom property
    • Notification scenarios/templates include job started, job completed, job failed
    • Defaults to notifying requester for all recovery notifications
    • Allows requester to specify additional email recipients for recovery notifications
    • Optionally configure additional email-based recipients for all backup and recovery notifications
    • Can be entitled independently, e.g. to end-users or administrators